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Based off of Rick Riordan's Greek stories, this site is a role-playing forum based off of the idea that half-bloods can also be half Titan, half Mortal.
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 Cynder (CHT verison!)

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PostSubject: Cynder (CHT verison!)   Cynder (CHT verison!) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 8:25 pm

Name: Cynder
Age: 15
Eyes: almost black, but a little blue-green
Hair: black
Height: 5'8
Body Type: thin and athletic
Skin Color: white
Titan Parent: Erebus
Mortal Parent: some demititan, but it was a daughter of nyx. Cynder never knew her
Country of Origin: America
Pets: she had a dog once... she killed it...
Talents: being evil...
Skills: combat
Weapon: A staff that has stygian iron blades at each end. It dissapears into shadow when she's not using it.
Flaws: evilness... really horrible with people... uh, evilness...
Powers: forms things out of shadows, shadow travels whenever she wants to, mega-powerful at night
Life Before CHT: Pretty much the definition of 'rebellious teenager'. Cynder broke every rule there ever was in her school, and snuck out of the house all the time- even though she didn't have anywhere to go, except wander in the darkness. She never knew that the two adults she lived with weren't her real parents. One night while she was wandering around, Cynder randomly just dissapeared. (And this is when she appears in Nyx's castle.)
RP Example: I looked down the empty street. As usual, no one was around at night. And as usual, I felt so much stronger, for some reason. I could easily knock over the street light next to me if I really wanted to. I could throw the staff thing I'd found fifty yards if I really felt like it. Then all of a sudden, I wasn't there anymore. I was in a castle black as midnight.
Any notes about your characters: Melchior's twin sister, even though they don't know it!

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PostSubject: Re: Cynder (CHT verison!)   Cynder (CHT verison!) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 8:26 pm

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Cynder (CHT verison!)
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