Camp Half Titan

Based off of Rick Riordan's Greek stories, this site is a role-playing forum based off of the idea that half-bloods can also be half Titan, half Mortal.
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 Nido Fonos, Son of Odin

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Your Jedi Master

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PostSubject: Nido Fonos, Son of Odin   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:25 pm

Name:Nido Fonos
Eyes:Red pupils with the white having a trace of gold
Hair:A flurry of orange red and yellow
Height:5' 10 1/2"
Body Type:Skinny, but very muscular. 6 pack.
Skin Color:Tanned caucasian
Titan Parent:(Norse) Odin
Mortal Parent:No clue . .
Country of Origin:Somewhere . .
Pets:Everything and nothing.
Talents/Skills:Magic. Smarts
Weapon:A staff
Flaws:Soemtimes over thinks things. He likes reading to get more and more information. (Short Cucuit: More inputttttttt) its an obsession
Powers:Magick, that he can use for anything.
Life Before CHT:He romaed streets, and gathered information browsing through library after library. He is like a human library. He knows A LOT. He also found old books for spells, and read them. He changed his appearance so he could do crimes and never be caught. He eventually stumbled upon the camp, not knowing what he was upon. When he tried stealing from theia's fridge . . well, you can probably guess. He barely made it out alive while being threatened to be stripped off his immortal half.
RP Example:I ran away from the crazy titaness, and found myself square in the middle of a battle. Still dark at night, it was, an dark and dreary. Hmm. So Nyx was the night. This must make the giant kid a child of nyx, whom gets more powerful at night. Then there was the girl wo seemed to be controlling black fire. She had similar traits as the taller boy. Twins. Then the girl, slightly straying from the fire. Oceanus, or another Titan of water. Then the other, fighting the others, had no signs as of whom his special parent was yet. I sigh.
Any notes about your characters:Usually dresses in a big,black and dark blue Cloak. Will change his appearance frequently.

I am Nighthawk . . er, Evimero, Son of Nyx

I am Adip, son of Ouranous. "What's up? My dad."

I am Melchior, Son of Erebus, and grandson of Nyx.

I am Nido, Son of Odin. I might look different then i am . .

I am Lucius, Son of Hyperion. I'm a very bright person.

Tymas, Dead
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PostSubject: Re: Nido Fonos, Son of Odin   Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:40 pm

Pets: everything and nothing



Saphira-Oceanus Spyro-Kronos Cynder-1/2 Erebus, 1/4 Nyx Jenna-Selene

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Nido Fonos, Son of Odin
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