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Based off of Rick Riordan's Greek stories, this site is a role-playing forum based off of the idea that half-bloods can also be half Titan, half Mortal.
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 Destroying this cabin for revenge on Hyperion...

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PostSubject: Destroying this cabin for revenge on Hyperion...   Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:10 am

HAHAHA! I'd destroy this thing... my staff appeared and I started chopping the front door down."There's easier ways to do that." I said, walking up.
"But this is more fun!" The door was demolished now. "We should destroy EVERYTHING."
"Agreed." I walked in and started slashing the bunks to pieces.
I smashed all the windows to pieces... haha. I summoned a rifle kitten, and it started blasting holes in the walls.After the bunks were destroyed, I proceeded to crush the trunks and anything in them. People should lock those things.
I ran around ripping up random things that could be ripped, and breaking anything that couldn't. I grinned. "Time for the final touch..." I started a shadow-fire in the middle of the room, and walked out the door. It seemed pointless to break things that would burn anyway, but it was fun.
I walked out, stabbing another hole in the wall as I went. I watched the dark flames spread to the roof and walls, then the cabin fell in. I left.
I laughed, then left.

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PostSubject: Re: Destroying this cabin for revenge on Hyperion...   Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:26 pm

i walked i and all my stuff was gone. i ran in. it had collapsed. i got so mad. i kept making light things until i collapsed. i counted all of the light things and i had about 30.

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Destroying this cabin for revenge on Hyperion...
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