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Based off of Rick Riordan's Greek stories, this site is a role-playing forum based off of the idea that half-bloods can also be half Titan, half Mortal.
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MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!!   MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2010 7:28 am

Name: Tierra sanskrit
Age: 15
Eyes: green
Hair: an earthy brown
Height: 5'
Body Type: average but slim
Skin Color: tan
Titan Parent: Phusis
Mortal Parent: addy sanskrit
Country of Origin: america
Pets: none
Talents/Skills: she's good with animals, and has a green thumb
Weapon: a bow and arrow
Flaws: not the smartest of people
Powers: Its almost like she can talk to nature, like the thingy that says talking to your plants helps them grow. thats true for her. and she can somewhat talk to animals
Life Before CHT:
Tierra grew up happily with her mother and saw her father from time to time (aka once every 3 years) and had your average amount of friends at school. However, one of those friends happened to be a (insert name of monster that would attack a demi titan) and attacked her. She ended up killing the monster with the help of one of her other friends who happend to be a saytr and brought her here.
RP Example:
I walked up the hill. "what a nice place!" I said out loud. I hoped there were lots of other people here. I walked down the hill and stopped. I wanted to take it all in for a minute so I layed down on the grass and thought about all that just happened. I had seen my dad a good deal and never knew he was a titan. how stupid of me!
Any notes about your characters: um, HIPPIE!!!
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Your Jedi Master
Your Jedi Master

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MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!!   MY FIRST CHARRIE!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2010 4:36 pm

I'm not so sure the other titan kids will like a hippie, but approved.

I am Nighthawk . . er, Evimero, Son of Nyx

I am Adip, son of Ouranous. "What's up? My dad."

I am Melchior, Son of Erebus, and grandson of Nyx.

I am Nido, Son of Odin. I might look different then i am . .

I am Lucius, Son of Hyperion. I'm a very bright person.

Tymas, Dead
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